Fundamentals of solventless extractions

  • Throughout this introductory material, you will learn about the fundamentals of solvent-free hash extractions, either by the mechanical isolation of intact trichome heads or, more recently, by the rosin extraction process.
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What's included?

  • 3 Lessons
  • 3 PDF
  • 1 Certificate

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Deep dive into the fundamentals of solventless extractions. The materials include the history and curiosities about non-solvent hash. 


Besides the introductory materials, you can ask questions, interact with the full melt community and have access to extra information for free. 
Meet the instructor

Marcus Bubbleman

Activist, entrepreneur and photographer of cannabis for more than twenty years, Marcus Bubbleman has a vast knowledge on the cannabis universe, since the cultivation of industrial hemp to the most advanced methods of non-solvent extractions, being responsible for publicizing the techniques of extraction through the bags and the creator of the ‘’Bubble Bags’’. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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